A company is built around a team of individuals who are skilled in their respective field, are capable and are good listeners. As a team we understand and are able to adapt and deliver, always in a professional and positive manner. 

A team is always evolving, growing and enhancing. Throughout our 29 years Larimar has built and then re-built teams of co-workers and we will always seek to improve what we do. People are our champions.

Our company is comprised of problem solvers, skilled craftsmen, and professional management; Each one dedicated in doing their part in delivering exactly what our client requires. From the beginning we sit down and listen to the brief, we analyse it and we seek solutions to fit a project or a product into a budget. We may propose alternatives or deliver a client a specified proposal and offer real tangible benefits of working with Larimar. Every part of the process requires clarity of thought and a clear understanding to all parties of what is being delivered.