I wanted to share an update to this story with you as I had promised a way back in 2015. I added the short video by cut.com and while it talks about the beauty of the filipino it also gives an insight into how happy a people they generally are in spite of adversity. I flash back to 2015 meanwhile…I was talking to a good friend of mine the other day about what makes a good employee or co-worker as I refer to members of our team. The question I posed to him, a fellow Englishman, was how one particular nation appeared to be supplying so many carers and hospitality staff to hospitals and hotels around the globe? How come you feel like you are in the Philippines when you take many a cruise or, god forbid, you fall ill?

Well, he could not really define it either and with more experience of the Philippines than I it left me with an unanswered question and frustrated. The Filipinos are certainly a very hospitable people, they are renown for it. Combine that with a sense of purpose, a sense of dedication and a sense of family and you begin to see how they make great co workers in so many fields. We certainly experience that in our manufacturing endeavours in Cebu. And then there is the beauty of the filipino and the evolution of look and style so richly illustrated and narrated by Chris Chan, Director of Content at www.cut.com.

Richard M. Brown, Founder.

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